Sentence Examples with the word gripping

Confused, she concentrated on gripping the phone.

Unable to understand or control the strange sensations, she tried to help right herself as the hands gripping her ribcage steadied her.

While Jennifer didn't complain, Dean could see her hands gripping the sides of the vehicle tightly as they moved steadily upward.

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She laughed, gripping both ends of the towel and twirling it until it resembled a rope.

The former contrivances consist essentially of levers or cams with toothed surfaces or gripping shoes mounted upon transverse axes attached to the sides of the cage, whose function is to take hold of the guides and support the cage in the event of its becoming detached from the rope.

Megan gingerly accepted the tool, gripping the smooth wooden handle with both hands.

Darian muttered a curse and rolled off her, gripping his nose.

She leaned forward and stood on her toes, gripping his shoulders as she kissed his cheek.

He sighed again, gripping her shoulders, his gaze stern.

She whirled around, gripping an egg in one hand.