Sentence Examples with the word grip

His grip on her forearms tightened, and he pressed them into the sand.

His grip around her tightened at the tension in her body.

The frictional grip between the two surfaces prevents return motion of the worm shaft and the load remains suspended, but it may be lowered by turning the hand-wheel so as to overcome the friction brake.

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His sword flew over her head and his grip fell away too fast for her to catch her balance.

She loosened her grip on him, sensing he wasn't going to leave, whatever his mood was.

The sense of being overwhelmed made Deidre grip the coffee mug hard.

She walked the length of the living room expecting to feel that iron grip again, but he merely followed her out the door.

She kicked and fought, unable to escape his grip when the cold in-between world swallowed her.

Dean released his grip and dropped backward into space.

The parts of the bush are glued to a sheet of emery paper, so that its rough side may give a better grip on the shaft.