Sentence Examples with the word grinding

There can be little doubt that before the AngloSaxons came to Britain they possessed no instrument for grinding corn except the quern (cweorn), and in remote districts this continued in use until quite late times.

But the rule of the Phanariotes could not but be productive of grinding oppression, and it was rendered doubly hateful by the swarms of Greek adventurers who accompanied them.

The maize was ground with a stone roller on the grinding stone or metlatl, still known over Spanish America as the metate, and the meal baked into thin oval cakes called by Aztecs tlaxcalli, and by Spaniards tortilla, which resemble the chapati of India and the oatcake of Scotland.

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Over the dusty hood, the yawning valley beckoned, and then... the sound of metal grinding against rock.

The relative motion of the faces of contact of the ridges anc grooves is a rotatory slidiug or grinding motion, about the line 01 contact of the pitch-surfaces as an instantaneous axis.

Bakers' shops are also frequent, though arrangements for grinding and baking appear to have formed part of every large family establishment.

Owen's description showed this view to be groundless, and he attributed the extraordinary development of the toucan's beak to the need of compensating, by the additional power of mastication thus given, for the absence of any of the grinding structures that are so characteristic of the intestinal tract of vegetable-eating birds - its digestive organs possessing a general simplicity of formation.

Richards faithful ministers, despite of all their distractions, succeeded in raising the first instalment of his ransom by grinding taxationa fourth part of the revenue of all lay persons, a tithe from ecclesiastical land, was raised, and in addition much church plate was seized, though the officials who exacted it were themselves prelates.

They are rich in grinding stone, and in phosphatic deposits.

The first step in this process is that of grinding the surface down until all projections are removed and a close approximation to a perfect plane is obtained.