Sentence Examples with the word grimace

He turned away with a grimace as if to say that everything Dolokhov had said to him and everything he could say had long been known to him, that he was weary of it and it was not at all what he wanted.

He put pressure on his injured leg with a grimace but gestured towards the unconscious soldier hanging between two others.

She shifted with a grimace and looked down at the brush of grass against her hands.

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Kutuzov made a grimace and sent an order to Dokhturov to take over the command of the first army, and a request to the duke--whom he said he could not spare at such an important moment--to return to him.

His grimace produced a chuckle from Sarah.

Jenn looked down at them with a grimace and tried to stretch out the fingers on one hand.

The officer evidently had complete control of his face, and while Kutuzov was turning managed to make a grimace and then assume a most serious, deferential, and innocent expression.

It was Dean's turn to grimace at the untimely reference to death by hanging but Donnie seemed not to understand or make the connection.

He turned away from her with a grimace that distorted his handsome face, kissed Anna Pavlovna's hand, and screwing up his eyes scanned the whole company.