Sentence Examples with the word grievously

But he followed Jackson rather than Calhoun, and above everything else set his love of the Union, though believing the South to be grievously wronged.

His son and heir-apparent, Maurice of Berkeley, was the hero of a misadventure recorded by Froissart, who tells how a young English knight, displaying his banner for the first time on the day of Poitiers, rode after a flying Picard squire, by whom he was grievously wounded and held to ransom.

In 572 or 573, however, he was assassinated by his chamberlain Peredeo at the instigation of Queen Rosamund, whom Alboin had grievously insulted by forcing her to drink wine out of her father's skull.

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But he had no sooner left the court than he proclaimed that he had grievously sinned in giving way, suspended himself from his archiepiscopal functions, and wrote to the pope to beg for pardon and absolution.

On these points he was grievously wrong, and on all he changed his views after a good deal of bitter experience.

Treated leniently, but grievously pressed for money, he tried to escape, and, the attempt being judged treasonable, he was persuaded to surrender his estates - to receive them back or 1574.

When the cholera appeared in France, quarantine was so rigorously enforced in the Peninsula that the external trade and railway traffic were grievously affected.

But Elizabeth's ambition was grievously disappointed.

Yet Shakespeare has not sinned in this way more grievously than Johnson.

Meanwhile his brother Buccelin, whose army was also suffering grievously from disease, partly induced by free indulgence in the grapes of Campania, encamped at Casilinum, the site of modern Capua.