Sentence Examples with the word grieving

Don't you understand that either we are officers serving our Tsar and our country, rejoicing in the successes and grieving at the misfortunes of our common cause, or we are merely lackeys who care nothing for their master's business.

I can't see her as the grieving widow.

She explained it that way to Alex and he thought she might be grieving her virginity.

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In his darkest hour, she had left the grieving to him and crawled into the safe world of denial.

Had Helene herself shown the least sign of hesitation, shame, or secrecy, her cause would certainly have been lost; but not only did she show no signs of secrecy or shame, on the contrary, with good-natured naivete she told her intimate friends (and these were all Petersburg) that both the prince and the magnate had proposed to her and that she loved both and was afraid of grieving either.

Cynthia eventually bowed to Martha's sobs and crept into her room, spending most of the dark hours holding the grieving child.

The pair sat embraced, grieving their lost lives.

Forget Jeffrey Byrne and forget his grieving wife.