Sentence Examples with the word greyhound

The English greyhound is the most conspicuous and best-known member of the group, and has been supposed to be the parent of most of the others.

Again and again to such gamesome talk, the dexterous dart is repeated, the spear returning to its master like a greyhound held in skilful leash.

The greyhound and all its varieties belong to this class.

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It is probable that the strain contains greyhound blood.

The greyhound puppies which it represents are identical with a brace of saplings of the present day.

The dog was of many varieties as early as the XIIth Dynasty, when the greyhound and turnspit and other well-marked forms are seen.

The Italian greyhound is a miniature greyhound, still capable of considerable speed but so delicate that it is almost unable to pull down even a rabbit, and is kept simply as a pet.