Sentence Examples with the word gresham

See Ward, Lives of the Gresham Professors, and Whewell's biography prefixed to the 9th volume of Napier's edition of Barrow's Sermons.

In 1657 he became professor of astronomy at Gresham College, and in 1660 was elected Savilian professor of astronomy at Oxford.

Through his influence Henry Howard, duke of Norfolk, was induced to present the Arundel marbles to the university of Oxford (1667) and the valuable Arundel library to Gresham College (1678).

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Calculations he had made, and suggested to Napier the advantages) that would result from the choice of io as a base, an improvement which he had explained in his lectures at Gresham College, and on which he had written to Napier.

In 1643 he was appointed to the Savilian professorship of astronomy at Oxford, but he was deprived of his Gresham professorship for having neglected its duties.

Astronomy in Gresham College.

For more detailed information relating to Napier, Briggs and Vlacq, and the invention of logarithms, the reader is referred to the life of Briggs in Ward's Lives of the Professors of Gresham College (London, 1740); Thomas Smith's Vitae quorundam eruditissimorum et illustrium virorum (Vita Henrici Briggii) (London, 1707); Mark Napier's Memoirs of John Napier already referred to, and the same author's Naperi libri qui supersunt (1839); Hutton's History; de Morgan's article already referred to; Delambre's Histoire de l'Astronomie moderne; the report on mathematical tables in the Report of the British Association for 1873; and the Philosophical Magazine for October and December 1872 and May 1873.

In 1651 he was made professor of anatomy at Oxford, and also became professor of music at Gresham College.

There is in the British Museum a copy with notes by John Ward (c. 1679-1758), biographer of the Gresham professors.

But he failed to obtain either of two posts - the professorships of mathematics at the Royal Military Academy and of geometry in Gresham College - for which he applied in 1854, though he was elected to the former in the following year on the death of his successful competitor.