Sentence Examples with the word grenadier

On the accession of Paul to the throne Arakcheev was promptly summoned to St Petersburg, appointed military commandant in the capital, and major-general in the grenadier battalion of the Preobrazhenskoe Guard.

It has long been demolished and the new barracks of the Grenadier regiment have been erected on the site.

Look at the sailor, called the mincer, who now comes along, and assisted by two allies, heavily backs the grandissimus, as the mariners call it, and with bowed shoulders, staggers off with it as if he were a grenadier carrying a dead comrade from the field.

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Educated at Sandhurst, he received a commission in the Grenadier Guards in 1845, being captain 1850, lieutenantcolonel 1857, colonel 1867, major-general 1877 and lieutenantgeneral 1882.

Was slowly pushed back across the Val Canaglia, in spite of a prolonged and gallant resistance by the Grenadier Bde.

He placed himself at the disposal of the military authorities and was sent to France as a major in the Grenadier Guards.

He studied history and humanities at the university of Moscow, and, after having gone through his military training in a grenadier regiment, left for Germany where he read political economy in Berlin under Prof. Schmoller.

Lyttelton (1st Northumberlands and Grenadier Guards, 2nd Lancashire and Rifle Brigade); Egyptian division, under Major-General Hunter, consisting of four brigades, commanded by Colonels MacDonald, Maxwell, Lewis and, Collinson; mounted troops2Ist Lancers, camel corps, and Egyptian cavalry; artillery, under Colonel Long, 2 British batteries, 5 Egyptian batteries, and 20 machine guns; detachment of Royal Engineers.

And the XIV., its front-line division (the 32nd) taking over the gallant Grenadier Bde., which had suffered very severely in the Cengio and Val Canaglia fighting, and the 33rd being held in second line till June 7, when it replaced the 32nd.