Sentence Examples with the word grenada

Barbados is dependent on Grenada for the majority of its firewood.

See Grenada Handbook (London, 1905).

During the wars between Great Britain and France, Grenada capitulated to the British forces in 1762, and was formally ceded next year by the Treaty of Paris.

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An indecisive action was fought off Grenada on the 6th of July.

The excellent climate and good sea-bathing have made Grenada the health resort of the neighbouring islands, especially of Trinidad.

For narrow as are the channels between Cuba and the opposite coast of Central America, between the Bahamas and Florida, and between Grenada and Tobago, the fauna of the Antillean chain, instead of being a mixture of that of the almost contiguous countries, differs, much from all, and exhibits in some groups a degree of speciality which may be not unfitly compared with that of oceanic islands..

In 1665 Grenada passed into the hands of the French West India Company, and was administered by it until its dissolution in 1674, when the island passed to the French Crown.

The governor of the Windward Islands resides in Grenada and is administrator of it.