Sentence Examples with the word greeting

Evidently the person they were greeting was riding quickly.

They reached a small encampment at the bottom of a mountain and passed around it, one calling out a greeting as someone trotted out to meet them.

He pulled the truck onto the highway, smiling in anticipation of her passionate greeting when he walked into the house.

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It was a sure sign he was forgiven for his irreverent try at changing the age-old ritual of greeting card purchasing.

He lifted his chin in greeting from his spot at the table.

After greeting the group with a hearty wave, he proudly handed a surprised Cynthia Dean a wad of bills.

They exchanged a greeting in a foreign language that sounded like Russian before he held out his hand to her.

Bonjour, Sonya dear! she added, turning to Sonya and indicating by this French greeting her slightly contemptuous though affectionate attitude toward her.

He'd wondered what his initial greeting as dhjan would feel like.

The moon reached its peak before he'd finished inspecting the walls and greeting its guards.