Sentence Examples with the word greene

Better success attended the American partisan operations directed by Greene and conducted by Marion, Sumter, Andrew Pickens, Henry Lee and William Washington.

Leonard Calvert Thomas Greene William Stone.

On the night of the 9th, however, Colonel Stewart retreated toward Charleston, abandoning 1000 stand of arms. The battle has been classed as a tactical victory for the British and a strategical victory for the Americans, terminating a campaign which left General Greene in virtual possession of the Carolinas, the British thereafter confining themselves to Charleston.

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You're safer if Greene thinks you're dead.

General Greene addressed well-armed sentinels.

We think General Greene and a few others got away.

Her hand shaking, she checked the log to see it had last been accessed by General Greene twenty-five hours ago.

General Greene motioned them forward, slowing when he saw Dan limp.

General Greene asked, his voice muffled over the communications system.

William Greene Stephen Hopkins William Greene.