Sentence Examples with the word greaves

They carried double-edged swords and short daggers for use hand to hand, the steel of which was hardened b y being buried underground; their defensive armour was a light Gallic shield or a round wicker buckler, and greaves of felt round their legs.

Besides his papers in the Philosophical Transactions, the principal works of Greaves are Pyramidographia, or a Description of the Pyramids in Egypt (1646); A Discourse on the Roman Foot and Denarius (1649); and Elementa linguae Persicae (1649).

They are seldom found in graves, however, whether owing to the custom of heriots or to the fact that, on account of their relatively high value, they were frequently handed on from generation to generation as heirlooms. Greaves are not often mentioned.

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The greaves are placed Vegetable Oils Animal Fats in hair or woollen bags and submitted to hydraulic pressure, by which a further portion of oil or fat is obtained (cf.

JOHN GREAVES (1602-1652), English mathematician and antiquary, was the eldest son of John Greaves, rector of Colemore, near Alresford in Hampshire.