Sentence Examples with the word greatly

From the use of the material to expand ladies' skirts the term was applied, during the third quarter of the 19th century, when the fashion of wearing greatly expanded skirts was at its height, to the whalebone and steel hoops employed to support the skirts thus worn (see Costume).

He then took up the study of German, worked at Kant and Jacobi, and sought to master the Philosophy of Nature of Schelling, by which he was at first greatly attracted.

Corps, and at the battle of Fredericksburg he distinguished himself greatly in the last attack of Marye's heights.

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Until 1894 the fairway up to Bremen had a minimum depth of little over 8 ft.; thereafter important works were undertaken, the minimum depth was made 18 ft., and the importance of Bremen as a port was greatly enhanced.

Bennett and his Puritan successors, Edward Digges and Samuel Mathews, made no serious change in the administration of the colony except to extend greatly the elective franchise.

The vessel had done much damage to the Federal naval forces, and her destruction was greatly desired.

Such an arrangement is calculated greatly to conserve the driving power, and as a consequence, to reduce the weight.

These benefits the nation owed for the most part to Gabor Baross, Hungary's greatest finance minister, who entered the cabinet in 1886 and greatly strengthened it.

The papal letters were translated into Persian, and thence into Mongol, and so presented to Baiju; but the Tatars were greatly irritated by the haughtiness of the Dominicans.

Italy, indeed, came out of the Eastern crisis with enhanced prestige and with her relations to Austria greatly improved.