Sentence Examples with the word gravy

To conclude the treaty of Azay on the 4th of July 1189, by which the English king did homage and surrendered the territories of Gravy and Issoudun.

She grabbed a towel and daubed water and gravy from her shirt and the counter top.

Richard's death, in April 1199, removed his archenemy, and Richard's successor, John, concluded the treaty of Le Goulet with Philip on the 22nd of May 1200, ceding to him the county of Evreux, Gravy and Issoudun, and the suzerainty of Berry and Auvergne.

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She poured gravy over her mashed potatoes.

She was finishing the gravy when Alex came home.

His antics caused her to drop the skillet, splashing gravy and water on her shirt.

They obeyed at once, and next served a fine large turbot on a silver platter, with drawn gravy poured over it.