Sentence Examples with the word graving dock

In 1880 the graving dock accommodation consisted of one double dock at the extremity of Dockyard creek, known as Nos.

The largest ships can enter the harbour, which has a minimum depth of 30 ft.; it has two dry docks, a graving dock and a floating dry dock.

The graving dock made in 1762 was the first dock of the kind in Scotland.

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The original scheme included a high-level main basin covering an area of 55 ac., with an entrance lock from the fairway, a dry or graving dock 750 ft.

In the area enclosed are the Victoria basin, covering 64 acres, the;Alfred basin of 82 acres, a graving dock 529 ft.

Parliamentary powers were obtained to construct a graving dock capable of accommodating the largest class of warships.

With a depth at low water of 32 ft.), Garvel graving dock and other dry docks.

There is wharf accommodation on both banks of the river, a graving dock which can be used by vessels up to 5000 tons, and two patent slips which can take up ships of 1000 and 400 tons respectively.

Till 1772 the town leased the first harbour (finished in 1710) from Sir John Shaw, the superior, but acquired it in that and the following year, and a graving dock was opened in 1786.

There are several dry docks, of which the Prince of Wales Graving Dock (1858), the largest, measures 370 ft.