Sentence Examples with the word graveyard

He was buried with his wife in the graveyard (Fifth and Arch Streets) of Christ Church, Philadelphia.

On the summit of Osengal Hill, about a mile to the west of the town, a graveyard of early Saxon settlers was discovered during the cutting of the railway.

He was buried on the 9th of March in the graveyard behind City Road chapel.

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With a deep breath, Yully left the graveyard and returned to the manor, determined to find a way to leave for Sean's wake.

It is pleasant to record that the graveyard of those officers who fell in the Kabul campaign of 1879-1880, which lies at the northern end of the Bemaru ridge, is not uncared for.

The probability is that Herod built an entirely new city; in fact, the circumstance that it was necessary to disturb an ancient graveyard proves that there were here no buildings previously.

The gap was twenty meters wide and on the other side, a graveyard of burnt-out vehicles.

In what is probably the oldest Unitarian graveyard in the kingdom Mrs Gaskell lies buried; and in a churchyard a mile from the town stood the ancient church, which, though partially rebuilt in the time of Henry VIII., fell into ruin in 1741.

The room was as still as a graveyard despite the dozen Guardians there.

It was quieter than a graveyard when they pushed their way in.