Sentence Examples with the word graves

Next in order come the very inferior British Ornithology of Graves (3 vols.

The naval force at the disposal of the admirals commanding on the station, who until Lord Howe took up the command on the 12th of July 1776 were Samuel Graves and Molyneux Shuldham, was insufficient to patrol the long line of coast.

High above them were the graves of her parents.

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His Sundays were spent in the catacombs in discovering graves of the martyrs and deciphering inscriptions.

In the crypt of the church General Leonidas Polk is buried; and in the churchyard are the graves of George Steptoe Washington, a nephew of George Washington, and of William Longstreet, the inventor.

In Lycia graves are frequently placed under her protection, and she is also known as a goddess of fertility and as Kouporp60os.

The primitive philosophy to which these conceptions belong has to a great degree been discredited by modern science; yet the clear survivals of such ancient and savage rites may still be seen in Europe, where the Bretons leave the remains of the All Souls' supper on the table for the ghosts of the dead kinsfolk to partake of, and Russian peasants set out cakes for the ancestral manes on the ledge which supports the holy pictures, and make dough ladders to assist the ghosts of the dead to ascend out of their graves and start on their journey for the future world; while other provision for the same spiritual journey is made when the coin is still put in the hand of the corpse at an Irish wake.

A decided decline is shown by the graves which have been discovered, until the country reached the low level at which it was found by the Russians on their arrival towards the close of the 16th century.

Natalie is a good girl and does not cry, and she will be big and Mrs. Graves is making short dresses for her.

And though Origen travelled to Rome, it was not to view the graves of dead men, but to establish relations with the living flock (Euseb.