Sentence Examples with the word gravel

The gravel road led past a small subdivision, then a few individual houses and small but beautiful Lake Lenoir, before climbing into the open and leading to a beautiful panorama of the Uncompahgre Valley and the snow-capped mountains to the west.

The figures for the more important minerals are as follows: Gold ore, manganese ore and uranium ore are produced in small quantities, and the list of minerals worked in the United Kingdom also includes chalk, lead, alum, phosphate of lime, chert and flint, gravel and sand, zinc ore, gypsum, arsenic, copper, barytes, wolfram and strontium sulphate.

To pass through a bed of gravel or sand, which, like the gauze, was regarded merely as a strainer.

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The hornbeam thrives well on stiff, clayey, moist soils, into which its roots penetrate deeply; on chalk or gravel it does not flourish.

A huge white sycamore skeleton sprawled on the gravel beach, its bark long gone.

Her added weight, though slight, caused the parking lot gravel to cut even deeper into his aching feet.

Famous houses no longer standing were Campden House, in the district north-west of the parish church, formerly known as the Gravel Pits; and Gore House, on the site of the present Albert Hall, the residence of William Wilberforce, and later of the countess of Blessington.

The later termination ey or ea was associated with the insular character of the land, and the prefix with a gravel bank (ceosol; cf.

Hydraulic mining has for the most part been confined to the country of its invention, California, and the western territories of America, where the conditions favourable for its use are more fully developed than elsewhere - notably the presence of thick banks of gravel that cannot be utilized by other methods, and abundance of water, even though considerable work may be required at times to make it available.

Behind her, Josh roared his engine as he turn the truck around, and slung gravel on the road as he took off.