Sentence Examples with the word graphite

A little graphite is produced in Humboldt county.

These chemists electrolyse either pure calcium chloride, or a mixture of this salt with fluorspar, in a graphite vessel which servos as the anode.

Of great importance is the chemical identity of the diamond, graphite and charcoal, a fact demonstrated in part by Lavoisier in 1773, Smithson Tennant in 1796, and by Sir George Steuart-Mackenzie (1780-1848), who showed that equal weights.

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Steel in which is encased a skeleton of graphite plates, besides some very fine scattered particles of graphite.

The true chemical nature of graphite was determined by K.

The reason is that the particles of temper graphite which are thus formed within the solid casting in its long annealing are so finely divided that they do not break up the continuity of the mass in a very harmful way; whereas in grey cast iron both the eutectic graphite formed in solidifying, and also the primary graphite which, in case the metal is hypereutectic, forms in cooling through region 3 of fig.

It is a black crystalline powder, resembling graphite in appearance.

First, the hardness (VU) should increase progressively as the soft ferrite and graphite are replaced by the glass-hard cementite.

The graphite veins in the older crystalline rocks are probably akin to metalliferous veins and the material derived from deep-seated sources; the decomposition of metallic carbides by water and the reduction of hydrocarbon vapours have been suggested as possible modes of origin.

The production of graphite from coke or gas-carbon) the heat is applied solely to the production of molecular or physical changes.