Sentence Examples with the word graphically

Lingard's History gives an exhaustive and trustworthy account of the Popish terror and its victims; and the chief incidents in Oates's career are graphically described by Macaulay.

To the ordinary pilgrim the omra has become so much an episode of the hajj that it is described by some European pilgrims as a mere visit to the mosque of Ayesha; a better conception of its original significance is got from the Meccan feast of the seventh month (Rajab), graphically described by Ibn Jubair from his observations in A.D.

Reared in a Puritan atmosphere, he has graphically described the mystical experience which, coming to him in his early youth, changed his whole conception of theology and determined his choice of the ministry.

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The penury and barbarism of Polish circumstances are graphically described in his and his wife's letters of this period.

The steps along which plant and animal domestication passed upwards in artificiality are graphically illustrated in the aboriginal food quest.

The test scientifically analyzes battery performance with a true constant current load capacity test that is graphically displayed.

The diurnal variation in summer at the latter station is shown graphically in the top curve of fig.

In practice, tangent sights were graduated graphically from large scale drawings.

The state of parties at this period in Ireland has been graphically described by Carlyle.

A later period, that of the miserable epoch of Augustus III., is described very graphically in the memoirs of Matuszewicz, first edited by Pawinski at Warsaw in 1876.