Sentence Examples with the word graphical

In actual practice, surds mainly arise out of mensuration; and we can then give an exact definition by graphical methods.

By graphical treatment we are able, not merely to see why the equation has usually two roots, and also to understand why there is in certain cases only one root (i.e.

The mechanical idea, named the parallelogram of velocities, permits a ready and easy graphical representation of these facts.

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His manual on Graphical Statics and his Elements of Projective Geometry (translated by C. Leudesdorf), have been published in English by the Clarendon Press.

The vast steppes and forest-clad mountain regions of Siberia have assumed a new geo graphical aspect in the light of these revelations, and Asia promise a new world of economic resources to Russian enterprise in the near future.

In 1860 he was appointed to the professorship of higher geometry at the university of Bologna, and in 1866 to that of higher geometry and graphical statics at the higher technical college of Milan.

On account of its practical importance several other graphical solutions of this problem have been devised.

One of the most beautiful graphical constructions regularly used by engineers and known as the method of reciprocal figures is that for finding the loads supported by the several members of a braced structure, having given a system of external loads.

For graphical representation we select units of length L and M, not necessarily identical.

A simple graphical construction is indicated in fig.