Sentence Examples with the word grantee

When the interests of colonization required it, free gifts of land might be made; in which case the grantee must himself exploit his concession.

The practice of giving land as a beneficium to a grantee who swore personal allegiance to the grantor had persisted, and by his capitularies Charlemagne had made these personal engagements, these contracts of immunityhitherto not transferable, nor even for life, but quite conditionalregular, legal, even obligatory and almost indissoluble.

The Company of the Indies became the grantee for the farming of.tobacco, the coinage of metals, and farming in general; and in order to procure funds it multiplied the output of shares, which were adroitly launched and became more and more sought for on the exchange in the rue Quincampoix.

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But Edward the Black Prince was the original grantee of the principality as well as of the dukedom, under p p y the special limitations which have continued in force to the present day.