Sentence Examples with the word grange

Aldrich 1 Nebraska was one of the states in which the collapse of the cooperative enterprises of the Grange was particularly severe.

From Stourbridge, in Staffordshire, the house of Stephen Littleton, who had been present at the hunting at Danchurch (see Digby, Everard), where they arrived at 10 o'clock at night, having on their way broken into Lord Windsor's house at Hewell Grange and taken all the armour they found there.

Cricket is played by the university students, at the schools, and by private clubs, of which the Grange is the oldest and best.

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She made her debut at the Comedie Frangaise in 1699, in La Grange Chancel's Oreste et Pylade, and was at once received as societaire.

The works rendered it necessary to divert the influx of the Grange from the Carron to the Forth.

The gardens of the Grange here are celebrated for their beauty.

It is situated on the south shore of the estuary of the Forth, at the mouth of the Carron and also of Grange Burn, a right-hand tributary of the Carron, 3 m.

These men had been alternately bitter enemies and allies of Beaton; in 1543 Kirkcaldy of Grange and the master of Rothes were offering their venal daggers to England, through a Scot named Wishart.

The parish - originally called Aberbrothock and now incorporated with Arbroath for administrative purposes - takes its name from a saint or hermit whose chapel was situated at Grange of Conon, 32 m.

From East Grange station on the North British railway company's line from Dunfermline to Stirling.