Sentence Examples with the word grandma

Carmen arranged for the twins and Destiny to stay with Grandma Reynolds so that she wouldn't be distracted when her guests arrived.

It's feminine enough, but it looks like something grandma would wear.

Bird Song remained nearly empty during the week and half full weekends when get-away folks from Grand Junction, and sometimes even Colorado Springs or Denver, left the kiddies with grandma and snuck over the mountains for a little R and R. An occasional ice climber continued to remind the group of the receding memories of the recent tragic past.

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She had never called her grandma and Mums didn't seem to mind.

Carmen picked the children up from Grandma Reynolds' place so he could visit with them.

One day, when Destiny was with Grandma Reynolds and Jonathan was at staying with a friend, she decided to go down to the house before she went to the hospital.

In the same way, Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds were related because they were Destiny's biological grandparents.

I never met Grandma and Grandpa Barret.

Alex remembers Grandma and Grandpa.