Sentence Examples with the word granary

Sicily, formerly called the granary of Italy, exported grain until the end of the 18th century.

There is an immense granary and a wool warehouse with capacity for 40,000 bales.

The great boundary rivers flow through low-lying valleys fertilized by their overflow or percolation, while a high bank leads up to the central upland, which, though naturally dry and unproductive except where irrigated by wells, has been transformed by various canal systems. This favoured region may be regarded as the granary of upper India.

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On this side we also find the farmbuildings, the large granary and threshing-floor (a), mills (c), malthouse (d).

The exceptional position thus accorded to Egypt was due to a regard on the part of the emperors to the peculiar character of the population, the strategic strength of the country, and its political importance as the granary of Rome.

Alexandria seems from this time to have regained its old prosperity, commanding, as it did, an important granary of Rome.

Three cemeteries remain intact - King's chapel burying ground, with the graves of John Winthrop and John Cotton; the Old Granary burial ground in the heart of the city, where Samuel Sewall, the parents of Franklin, John Hancock, James Otis and Samuel Adams are buried; and Copp's Hill burial ground, containing the tombs of the Mathers.

He, however, proved quite unfit for his high position; he rejected the advice of Alaric and lost in consequence the province of Africa, the granary of Rome, which was defended by the partisans of Honorius.

The Moors had made Alemtejo the granary of Portugal, but war had undone their work, and large tracts of land were now barren and depopulated.

It became the granary of Rome and the free population naturally degenerated and died out.