Sentence Examples with the word grammar school

The chief buildings are that containing the town hall and the grammar school (a foundation of 1547), the exchange, a theatre, and the customs house and dock offices.

SIR JOSEPH PAXTON (1801-1865), English architect and ornamental gardener, was born of humble parents at Milton Bryant, near Woburn, Bedfordshire, on the 3rd of August 1801, and was educated at the grammar school of that town.

He became usher of a grammar school in Leicestershire; he resided as a.

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The grammar school was founded by Dr Roger Lupton, provost of Eton College, in 1528, but as it was connected with a chantry it was suppressed by Henry VIII., to be refounded in 1551 by Edward VI.; it now takes rank among the important public schools.

He afterwards went to a private school in London, and in 1712 to the grammar school at Kingston-upon-Thames.

Agnes, Cambs., but the greater part of his life was given up to teaching, as headmaster of Helston grammar school from 18J5 to 1859 and of King Edward VI.

His education at Winchester, no doubt in the Great Grammar school or High school in Minster Street, was paid for by some patron unnamed by the biographer, perhaps Sir Ralph Sutton, who is named first by Wykeham among his benefactors to be prayed for by his colleges.

New Hampshire formed a part of Massachusetts when, in 1647, the General Court of that province passed the famous act requiring every town in which there were fifty householders to maintain a school for teaching reading and writing, and every town in which there were one hundred householders to maintain a grammar school with an instructor capable of preparing young men for college.

A former Jesuit monastery is now used for a grammar school and seminary.

He attended the grammar school of Bishop Auckland for a short time, but a large portion of his boyhood was spent in Westmorland.