Sentence Examples with the word grammaire

And Mal.-Eng.), (Antananarivo, i 835); Daimon d, Vocabulaire et grammaire pour les langues malgaches, Sakalava et Betsimisara (Bourbon, 1842); R.

Klaproth's other works include: Reise in den Kaukasus and Georgien in den Jahren 1807 and 1808 (Halle, 1812-1814; French translation, Paris, 1823); Geographisch-historische Beschreibung des ostlichen Kaukasus (Weimar, 1814); Tableaux historiques de l'Asie (Paris, 1826); Memoires relatifs a l'Asie (Paris, 1824-1828); Tableau historique, geographique, ethnographique et politique de Caucase (Paris, 1827); and Vocabulaire et grammaire de la langue georgienne (Paris, 1827).

Gaston Raynaud; Deux redactions du roman des sept sages de Rome (1876); a translation of the Grammaire des langues romanes (1874-1878) of Friedrich Diez, in collaboration with MM.

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There he busied himself with philology, and published notably some works on the Basque language: Grammaire basque, Remarques sur plusieurs assertions concernant la langue basque (1876), Observations sur le basque Fontarabie (1878).

Cousins, Concise Introduction to the Study of the Malagasy Language as spoken in Imerina (Antananarivo, 1873); Marre de Marin, Grammaire malgache (Paris, 1876); id., Essai sur le malgache, ou Etude comparee des langues javanaise, malgache, et malayse (Paris, 1876); id., Le Jardin des racines oceaniennes (Paris, 1876); Dahle, Specimens of Malagasy Folk-lore (Antananarivo, 1877); and W.

Caussin de Perceval published (1828) a useful Grammaire arabe vulgaire, which passed through several editions (4th ed., 1858), and edited and enlarged Elie Bocthor's 1 Dictionnaire francais-arabe (2 vols., 1828; 3rd ed., 1864); but his great reputation rests almost entirely on one book, the Essai sur l'histoire des Arabes avant l'Islamisme, pendant l'epoque de Mahomet (3 vols., 1847-1849), in which the native traditions as to the early history of the Arabs, down to the death of Mahommed and the complete subjection of all the tribes to Islam, are brought together with wonderful industry and set forth with much learning and lucidity.

Jardin, Essai sur l'histoire naturelle de l'archipel de Mendana (Paris, 1860); Clavel, Les Marquisiens (Paris, 1885); Dordillon, Grammaire et dictionnaire de la langue des Res Marquises (Paris, 1904).

Among his works on the subject of Assyriology are: Recueil d'alphabets des ecritures cuneiformes (1860); Expose des elements de la grammaire assyrienne (1868); Le Syllabaire assyrien (2 vols., 1869-1873); Les Langues perdues de la Perse et del' Assyrie (2 vols., 1885-1886); Les Pierres gravees de la Haute-Asie (2 vols., 1883-1886).

In this way also he came to learn Hebrew, and to compare it with Greek, Latin and French; and it was the first proof of his intellectual audacity that on the strength of this he wrote an Essai de grammaire generale.

His valuable Cours de grammaire historique de la langue frangaise was edited after his death by E.