Sentence Examples with the word graft

When worked at the top of a stem formed of the stock, the growth from the graft or bud must be pruned in a similar way.

Some of the American varieties have been introduced into France and other countries infested with Phylloxera, to serve as stocks on which to graft the better kinds of European vines, because their roots, though perhaps equally subject to the attacks of the insects, do not suffer so much injury from them as the European species.

In a soil, for example, naturally moist, it is proper to graft pears on the quince, because this plant not only thrives in such a soil, but serves to check the luxuriance thereby produced.

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Here the graft is fixed to the side of the stock, which is planted or potted close to the plant to be worked.

Some quantity of cutch is exported, as also stick-lac, which the Red Karens graft so as to foster the production.

This species is frequently used as a stock on which to graft other Cacti.

An artistic taste will recognize the essential differences, and not endeavour, apart from questions of strength, to graft a design suitable for one on another.

The chief wealth of the Arab tribes of the plateaus consists in their immense flocks of sheep. The horses and mules of Algeria are noted; and the native cattle are an excellent stock on which to graft the better European varieties.

The parts are, however, sometimes so small that the tongue of the graft is dispensed with, and the two stems simply pared smooth and bound together.

Other race mixtures consist of the zambos (the African-Indian cross), an Asiatic graft upon these various crosses, and an extremely confusing intermixture of the various crosses, for which the Spanish races have descriptive appellations.