Sentence Examples with the word graduation

Even before his graduation in September 17 20 as valedictorian and head of his class, he seems to have had a well formulated philosophy.

A fixed mark which serves as an index is placed on the lower side of the collective lens and is seen clearly at the same time as the graduation of the movable slide.

His most original idea is the graduation of knowledge into knowing, belief and presentiment.

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Immediately after graduation he became an assistant in his brother William's school for young ladies in Boston, and continued teaching, with much inward reluctance and discomfort, for three years.

The beautiful Mitchell Tower is so named from the benefactor (Dr Charles Mitchell) who provided the splendid graduation hall.

The instrument when unloaded serves for the range from 74 to 47 over proof; when loaded with the first weight it indicates from 46 to 13 over proof, with the second weight from 13 over proof to 29 under proof, and with the third from 29 under proof to pure water, the graduation corresponding to which is marked W at the bottom of the fourth scale.

For volatile liquids, a flask provided with a long neck which carries a graduation and is fitted with a well-ground stopper is recommended.

Gieseler for church history, but his energies were principally devoted to philosophy and philology, and his earliest publication was an edition of the Arabic Moallakat of Amru'lQais, which gained for him the prize at his graduation in the philosophical faculty.

The graduation of a thermometer is determined by the freezing-point and the boiling-point of water, the interval between these being divided into a certain number of degrees, representing equal increases of temperature.

Further, a revolving stage plate provided with a graduation B is used to determine the angle in crystals.