Sentence Examples with the word grading

To make a railroad round the world available to all mankind is equivalent to grading the whole surface of the planet.

The department has also endeavoured to encourage the fruit-growing industry in Ireland by the establishment of a horticultural school at Glasnevin, by efforts to secure uniformity in the packing and grading of fruit, by the establishment of experimental fruit-preserving factories, by the planting of orchards on a large scale in a few districts, and by pioneer lectures.

As a means of grading progress among the various tribes, the tool is valuable both in its working part and its hafting, or manual part.

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Sand and loams in great variety, grading from mere sand to adobe, make up the soils of the state.

The great wheat-growing states like Minnesota have established systems of inspecting and grading wheat under state supervision.

Its excellent drainage makes street grading an easy matter.

Animals and plants are extremely closely related organisms, alike in their fundamental characters, and each grading into organisms which possess some of the characters of both classes or kingdoms (see Protista).