Sentence Examples with the word grade

In Zygogonium, although no cell-division takes place, the gametes consist of a portion only of the contents of a cell, and this is regularly the case in Mesocarpaceae, which occupy the highest grade among Conjugatae.

This is so much higher than my grade level I'm getting a nose bleed.

By this expression we do not mean an ideal mode of living, but the habits and requirements of life generally current in a community or grade of society at a given period.

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His other honours included the Golden Fleece and the grade of commander in the order of Maria Theresa.

The judicial system was much improved, a better grade of officials became the rule, many French Creoles were appointed to office, intermarriages of French and Spanish and even English were encouraged by the highest officials, and in general a liberal and conciliatory policy was followed, which made Louisiana under Spanish rule quiet and prosperous.

The Norwegian Lutherans have a normal school at Sioux Falls, and the Roman Catholics have schools of higher grade at Sioux Falls, Deadwood and Aberdeen.

On the psychic angle; you can call it bull shit but I get strong vibes from folks above my pay grade that not everyone feels the way you guys do.

Dean woke with a start in the darkened room, as wide-awake as mid-day of a grade school vacation.

A stipend, ranging from 5000 francs a year to 250 francs, was attached to each grade of the institution.

Not less comprehensive has been the work carried out by Professor Newcomb of raising to a higher grade of perfection, and reducing to a uniform standard, all the theories and constants of the solar system.