Sentence Examples with the word grace

His golden eyes were calm, his large frame relaxed with the feline grace that made her hormones wild.

In the Church of Rome the Dominicans favoured Augustinianism, the Jesuits Semi-Pelagianism; the work of Molina on the agreement of free-will with the gifts of grace provoked a controversy, which the pope silenced without deciding; but which broke out again a generation later when Jansen tried to revive the decaying Augustinianism.

To the demands of the British mission relative to the acceptance of a protectorate and other matters, Prempeh made no reply in the three weeks' grace allowed, which expired on the 31st of October 1895.

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The course of inexorable law cannot be turned aside by any sacrifice or offering, nor yet even by the free grace of God.

These objects are held by the Church in religious veneration, and by their means it hopes to obtain divine grace and miraculous benefits (Conc. Trid.

Aristobulus and his children were conveyed to Rome to grace their conqueror's triumphal procession.

I feel in Diana's posture the grace and freedom of the forest and the spirit that tames the mountain lion and subdues the fiercest passions.

He was one of the members of the first cabinet after the revolution, and in 1869, under the regency of Marshal Serrano, he became minister of grace and justice.

To the chancellor, as already the head of the judicial system, these petitions were referred, although he was not at first the only officer through whom the prerogative of grace was administered.

But if this whale be a king, he is a very sulky looking fellow to grace a diadem.