Sentence Examples with the word grab

He watched her grab the hourglass and toss it in the air.

Exhausted, Jenn stooped to grab her clothes and returned to the locker room.

I'll go grab Tamer and meet you in the portal room in Hell.

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Rhyn stood over him, his hand ready to grab the dagger at his belt and plunge it into the traitor.s neck.

He reached back to grab the iPad and clicked the picture open.

He tried to grab the iPad with his other hand.

None had time to grab the weapons under their cots before gunfire exploded through the garage door and slammed into them.

He shot forward and gathered the woman in his arms while the second woman scrambled to grab the IVs.

Why don't we grab your bags and I'll show you to your rooms while Connor and Jackson make drinks.

He snatched up his machete and crossed to the bed to grab and sling Iliana over his shoulder.