Sentence Examples with the word governmental

At present the belief in an objective atonement is still widely held; whether in the form of penal theories - the old forensic view that the death of Christ atones by paying the penalty of man's sin - or in the form of governmental theories; that the Passion fulfilled a necessity of divine government by expressing and vindicating God's righteousness.

At the governmental institutions, Professors Oppert and Halevy helped further to train him.

Furthermore, the governmental machinery would be less complex than in the older towns.

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The revenues of the several states, and of minor governmental areas within them, are mainly derived from a general property tax, laid directly upon realty and personalty.

Superstition, misunderstanding and hatred caused the Christians trouble for many generations, and governmental repression they had to suffer occasionally, as a result of popular disturbances.

The province is divided into the three governmental departments (Regierungsbezirke) of Minden, Munster and Arnsberg.

This is a governmental unit organized from an unincorporated township having at least 200 inhabitants,' and its principal officers are the moderator, clerk, three assessors, treasurer, collector, constable and school committee.

The country is divided into four governmental departments (Kreise) and subdivided into sixty-four divisions (Oberamtsbezirke), each of which is under a headman (Oberamtrnann) assisted by a local council (Amtsversasnmlung).

For administrative purposes Saxony is divided into five Kreishauptmannschaf ten, or governmental departments, subdivided into twenty-seven Amtshauptmannschaften.

To Pierre all men seemed like those soldiers, seeking refuge from life: some in ambition, some in cards, some in framing laws, some in women, some in toys, some in horses, some in politics, some in sport, some in wine, and some in governmental affairs.