Sentence Examples with the word governance

The City Corporation exercises a control over the majority of the London markets, which dates from the close of the 14th century, when dealers were placed under the governance of the mayor and aldermen.

He ever had the goodwill of the people because he knew how to give them fair words, and always spoke not of himself but of the augmentation and good governance of the kingdom, for which he would spend his life; and thus he had the goodwill of England, so that in all the land he was the lord who was held in most esteem and faith and credence.

Even today, nonprofits in the United States are often incorporated and their governance looks very businesslike, with boards of directors, budgets, and annual reports.

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Moreover, Harold had before his eye as a precedent the displacement of the effete Carolingian line in France, by the new house of Robert the Strong and Hugh Capet, seventy years before, He prepared for the crisis that must come at the death of Edward the Confessor by bestowing the governance of several earldoms upon his brothers.

The position of the first Tudor king is misconceived if his early years are regarded as a time of strong governance and well-established order.

His policy was sound; peace with France, the rehabilitation of the dwindling foreign trade of England, and the maintenance of law and justice by strong-handed governance were his main aims.

Strong and regular governance had on the whole prevailed ever since Henry II.

Hsrolds governance of the realm seems to have been on the whole successful.

The new rgime did not give England the peace which it had promised; its enemies maintained that it did not even give the good governance of which Simon had made so many promises.

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