Sentence Examples with the word gothenburg

The so-called Gothenburg System, providing for municipal control of the sale of intoxicants (see LIQuoR Laws), came into full operation in Gothenburg in 1865.

After the French Revolution Gothenburg was for a time the residence of the Bourbon family.

The principal ports of register are Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsingborg and Gefle, in order; though the principal commercial ports are Stockholm; Gothenburg and Malmo.

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There are several boys' schools, a college for girls, a scientific college, a commercial college (1826), a school of navigation, and Chalmers' Polytechnical College, founded by William Chalmers (1748-1811), a native of Gothenburg of English parentage.

Of Gothenburg by rail, on the river Viske.

The greater proportion of communal revenue comes from income and property tax, the sale of spirits under the Gothenburg System, and contributions from the treasury.

Mainly through the efforts of Peter Wieselgren, dean of Gothenburg (1800-1877), a strong temperance reform movement set in, and in 1855 important liquor laws were passed to restrict both production and sale of intoxicating liquors.

The other banks are joint-stock banks and savings-banks, of which the first was opened at Gothenburg in 1820.

The towns with a population exceeding 15,000 in 1900 are Stockholm (300,624), Gothenburg (130,609), Malmo (60,857), Norrkoping (41,008), Gefle (29,522), Helsingborg (24,670), Karlskrona (23,955), Jonkoping (23,143), Upsala (22,855), Orebro (22,013), Lund (16,621), Boras (15,837), Halmstad (15,362).

The connexion of the family with Gothenburg dates from 1802, when Robert Dickson, a native of Montrose in Scotland, founded the business in which he was joined in 1807 by his brother James.