Sentence Examples with the word goring

Owing, however, to the mutual jealousies and misconduct of Goring and Grenville, and the prince's own disregard and contempt of the council, his presence was in no way advantageous, and could not prevent the final overthrow of the king's forces in 1646.

On the Parliamentary right, Goring had swept away the Yorkshire horse, and although most of his troopers had followed in disorderly pursuit, Sir Charles Lucas with some squadrons was attacking the exposed right of Leven's infantry.

During the Civil War General Goring quartered his troops at Totnes, and Fairfax also made it his temporary station.

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It may be noted further that the Kennet continues upward the line of the main valley below the Goring gap, and the Cherwell that of the main valley above it.

Then, on the ground where Goring had routed Fairfax, Cromwell and Leslie won an easy victory over Goring's scattered and disordered horsemen.

Though thousands of miles from Oregon, still when he smells that savage musk, the rending, goring bison herds are as present as to the deserted wild foal of the prairies, which this instant they may be trampling into dust.

After this he served in the western campaign under Charles's own command, and towards the end of the war, after Lord Goring had left England,he succeeded to the command of the royal army, which his predecessor had allowed to waste away in indiscipline.

At Dorchester (951) the Thame enters on the left, and the river then passes Wallingford (904) and Goring (85).

As a whole, the economic conditions implied are pastoral and agricultural, and are relatively primitive; and the general rudimentary character of the legal ideas appears in the death penalty for the goring ox (Exod.