Sentence Examples with the word gore

Famous houses no longer standing were Campden House, in the district north-west of the parish church, formerly known as the Gravel Pits; and Gore House, on the site of the present Albert Hall, the residence of William Wilberforce, and later of the countess of Blessington.

Sprenger's Oudh Cat., p. 489; Sir Gore Ouseley, Notices of Persian Poets, p. 112 seq.; H.

On the urgent recommendation of Lieut.- Governor Gore he was appointed to the executive council of Upper Canada in 1815.

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Levi Lincoln (acting) Christopher Gore Elbridge Gerry Caleb Strong John Brooks William Eustis Levi Lincoln .

Towards the middle of November Colonel Gore was commanded to effect the arrest of Papineau and his principal adherents on a charge of high treason.

Sir Frederick Gore Ouseley (vide Ellis's lecture) regarded the French ton de chapelle as being about a minor third below the Diapason Normal, a' 435, and said that most of the untouched organs in the French cathedrals were at this low pitch.

CHARLES GORE (1853-), English divine, was born in 1853, the 3rd son of the Hon.

This difficulty Gore sought to meet through the doctrine of the KEvcoaes.

Cumberland was originally a part of Rehoboth, and then of Attleborough, Massachusetts, and for many years was called, like other sparse settlements, the Gore or Attleborough Gore.

Sir Frederick Gore Ouseley's comparison of the church and chamber pitches of Orlando Gibbons (vide Ellis's lecture) clearly shows the minor third in Great Britain in the first half of the 17th century.