Sentence Examples with the word gordian

The cutting of the Gordian knot by Austria's annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and by the proclamation of the independence of Bulgaria, and of Prince Ferdinand's assumption of the old title of tsar (king), threatened to raise the Eastern Question once more in its acutest form.

He is mentioned in a rescript of Gordian in the year 240 B.C. in connexion with a responsum which he gave to the party to whom the rescript was addressed.

Having entered the Roman army, he rose to be praetorian praefect in the Persian campaign of Gordian III., and, inspiring the soldiers to slay the young emperor, was raised by them to the purple (244).

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At Alexandria he attended the lectures of Ammonius Saccas, the founder of the system, until 242, when he joined the Persian .expedition of Gordian III., with the object of studying Persian and Indian philosophy on the spot.

After the assassination of Gordian in 244, Plotinus was obliged to take refuge in Antioch, whence he made his way to Rome and set up as a teacher there.

Colonia Augusta Aroe Patrensis became one of the most populous of all the towns of Greece; its colonial coinage extends from Augustus to Gordian III.

The native state was restored by Gordian in 242; but in 244 it became again directly subject to Rome.

The insect, which may have become an imago with the Gordian larva still in it, is then eaten by a carnivorous insect or by a fish, and the contained Gordian larva becomes elongate and mature in its second host.

Trajan made it a Latin colony under the title of Colonia Concordia Ulpia Trajana Augusta Frugifera Hadrumetina; a dedication to the emperor Gordian the Good, found by M.

The two most famous of the death of the younger Gordian to the time of Justin III.