Sentence Examples with the word goose

From Jassy, in consequence of eating a whole goose while in a high state of fever.

For a week I heard the circling, groping clangor of some solitary goose in the foggy mornings, seeking its companion, and still peopling the woods with the sound of a larger life than they could sustain.

The several kinds of geeseincluding the Canada goose, the Arctic goose or wavey, the laughing goose, the brant and others-all breed in the northern regions, but are found in great numbers throughout the several provinces, passing north in the spring and south in the autumn.

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The blood drained from her face and goose bumps covered her arms under the sweater.

What was good for the goose wasn't necessarily good for the gander, it seemed.

Her mouth felt suddenly dry and goose bumps sprang up all over her bare arms.

His vehicle (vahana) is a goose or swan (hamsa), whence he is also called Harnsavahana; and his consort is Sarasvati, the goddess of learning.

A few specimens of solitary goose have been procured, but the bird is rarely met with.

That the humming-bird (Nuitziton), which was the god's old shape, should become merely his attendant (like the owl of Pallas, the mouse of Apollo, the goose of Priapus, the cuckoo of Hera), when the god received anthropomorphic form, is an example of a process common in'all mythologies.

The thought brought goose bumps to her arms.