Sentence Examples with the word goodness

At this point Origen succeeded in avoiding the heretical Gnostic idea of God by assigning to the Godhead the attributes of goodness and righteousness.

Yet, in spite of all, Frederick William was beloved by his subjects, who valued him for the simplicity of his manners, the goodness of his heart and the memories of the dark days after 1806.

I taught her the word INVISIBLE, and told her we could not see God with our eyes, because He was a spirit; but that when our hearts were full of goodness and gentleness, then we saw Him because then we were more like Him.

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So, do not be ungrateful, but sing His praises and thank Him for his goodness toward you.

Thank goodness the molar nightmare was over.

It is not so important that many should be as good as you, as that there be some absolute goodness somewhere; for that will leaven the whole lump.

You say you can't see a reign of goodness and truth on earth.

Essence participates in goodness - that which is good has being, and is therefore to be regarded as a species of good.

The divine wisdom and goodness are revealed in the course of nature, but also obscured by it.

The existence of evil in opposition to the perfect goodness of God, as thus explained, need not be attributed to God's agency, inasmuch as the whole emanation-process is governed by necessary - as it were mechanical - laws, which may be compared to those of the physical universe.