Sentence Examples with the word good health

To Europeans the climate is found to be relaxing and enervating, but if, in spite of some disinclination for exertion, regular exercise is taken from the beginning, and ordinary precautions against chills, more especially to the stomach, are adopted, a European has almost as good a chance of remaining in good health in the peninsula as in Europe.

With everyone in good health again, the focus shifted back to preparing for the new babies.

For the equites equo publico high moral character, good health and the equestrian fortune were necessary.

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A few trips to the Continent, in which the queen was always accompanied by her youngest daughter, the Princess Beatrice, brought a little variety into the home-life, and aided much in keeping up the good health which the queen enjoyed almost uninterruptedly.

Any deaf child or deaf and blind child in good health can be taught.

All he needs is good bee weather and an apiary free from disease to make him appreciate bee-craft as one of the most remunerative of rural industries; affording a wholesome open-air life conducive to good health and yielding an abundance of contentment.

In an ordinary Greek letter (as the papyri show) we should find the salutation followed by an expression of gratification over the correspondent's good health and of prayer for its continuance.

A single paroxysm of simple ague may come upon the patient in the midst of good health or it may be preceded by some malaise.

The strain was visible in the faces of many, though those he saw were in good health and fed.