Sentence Examples with the word good fortune

H 13-15) differently, with the consideration of (1) good fortune (thTvxta), and (2) gentlemanliness (KaXoKayaBia).

By good fortune the armada evaded Nelson and arrived safely off Malta.

By good fortune the earth here was very deep. On the higher level of the agora and the Apollo temple, where the depth of earth is comparatively slight, there is little hope of important finds.

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Here extraordinary good fortune put into the enemy's hands a copy of Lee's orders, from which it was clear that the Confederates were dangerously dispersed.

The duck-billed platypus (Platypus anatinus) was the name assigned to one of the most remarkable of known animals by George Shaw (1751-1813), who had the good fortune to introduce it to the notice of the scientific world in the Naturalist's Miscellany (vol.

The graceful form of their body, the elegance and rapidity of their movements, and the exquisite beauty of their colours have been the admiration of all who have had the good fortune to watch them in their native haunts.

Evatt had the good fortune to capture Kings Mwanga and Kabarega, who were deported to the coast and subsequently removed to the Seychelles, where Mwanga died in 1903.

The geological processes that placed a much narrower ocean between North America and western Europe than between North America and eastern Asia secured to the New World the good fortune of being colonized by the leading peoples of the occidental Old World, instead of by the less developed races of the Orient.

This was my situation when I had the good fortune to find a place among the members of that remarkable confraternity of antagonists, the Metaphysical Society.

Setting sail for Egypt on the 19th of June, he again had the good fortune to elude Nelson and arrived off Alexandria on the 2nd of July.