Sentence Examples with the word good cause

Seldom had a good cause such an unworthy figurehead as that callous and apathetic prince.

Swift's pamphlets, written in a style more level with the popular intelligence than even his own ordinary manner, are models alike to the controversialist who aids a good cause and to him who is burdened with a bad one.

State laws made liable to prosecution for misdemeanour any contract labourer who, having received advances, failed for any but good cause to fulfil the contract; or any contract labourer who made a second contract without giving notice tohis second employer of a prior and unfulfilled contract; or any employer of a labourer who had not completed the term of a prior contract.

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Failing to rally them to the good cause he determined anyhow to organize the great cultivated middle class into a political party.

Rousseau, however, never saw any of the alleged children; and Mrs Macdonald has shown good cause for believing that their existence was a myth, an imposition on Rousseau's credulity, invented by Therese and her mother to make the tie more binding.

Henry had good cause to complain of the ecclesiastical courts, and had only awaited a convenient season to correct abuses which were admitted by all reasonable men.