Sentence Examples with the word goo

Of Tashkent) and go to Vierni, a distance of about goo versts.

A periodic character was thus indicated for the disturbance; and Laplace assigned its true cause in the near approach to commensurability in the periods of the two planets, the cycle of disturbance completing itself in about goo (more accurately 929) years.

A great rectangular enclosure of crude bricks, measuring about goo X 850 ft., contains the sacred buildings: it was entered by two stone gateways, in the north and the east sides, built by Domitian.

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According to a calculation made in 1904, out of 1370 appointments with a salary of goo a year and upwards, 1263 were held by Europeans, 15 by Eurasians and 92 by natives of India.

Seven cities and towns in 1 goo had more than 5000 inhabitants each: New Orleans (287,104), Shreveport (16,013), Baton Rouge (11,269), New Iberia (6815), Lake Charles (6680), Alexandria (5648) and Monroe (5428).

The uplift is completely enclosed by a rim of hog-back ridges from 300 to Goo ft.

Of Ballater and at a height of goo ft.

In the north it is occupied by the watershed which separates the basins of the Dvina and the Dnieper, an undulating tract 650 to goo ft.

He increased the number of senators to goo and introduced provincials into that body; but instead of making it into a grand council of the empire, representative of its various races and nationalities, he treated it with studied contempt, and Cicero writes that his own name had been set down as the proposer of decrees of which he knew nothing, conferring the title of king on potentates of whom he had never heard.

The Bridal Veil Fall, goo ft.