Sentence Examples with the word gondi

Still seemed to see only through the eyes of Coligny; till Catherine, fearing to be supplanted by the latter, dreading the results of the threatened war with Spain, and egged on by a crowd of Italian adventurers in the pay of Spainmen like Gondi and Birague, reared like herself in the political theories and customs of their native landsaw no hope but in the assassination of this rival in her sons esteem.

JEAN FRANCOIS PAUL DE GONDI RETZ, CARDINAL DE (1614-1679), French churchman and agitator, was born at Montmirail in 1614.

Of these last the chief dialects are Gondi, Oraon or Kurukh, Kandhi and Kanarese, of which Gondi is by far the most important.

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With the death of the last male of the house of Gondi in 1676 the duche-pairie became extinct; the lordship passed to the house of Neuville-Villeroy.

Fronde The victor of Lens and Charenton imagined that every of the one was under an obligation to him, and laid claim to a dictatorship so insupportable that Anne of Austria and Mazarin assured by Gondi of the concurrence of the parlement and peoplehad him arrested.