Sentence Examples with the word gonad

A simple gonaduct on each side arises from the gonad near its posterior end and passes first forwards, then backwards, and lastly outwards to the external opening in the pallial groove, anterior to the renal aperture.

The gonad ducts are male and female, and open opposite to or, rarely, alongside of the gonads, whose products they convey to the exterior.

It is possible that we have here gonad ducts distinct from nephridia which at the time of sexual maturity do open on to the exterior.

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The gonad is transversely wrinkled and lies between the aorta and the intestine, extending from the pericardium to the anterior end of the body.

In many, perhaps most, genera of the Oligochaeta family, Eudrilidae, and possibly the gonad ducts in the Hirudinea.

Special gonad ducts always present.

Into this also opens the genital duct from the single or paired gonad (ov).

Gonads and Gonad Ducts.

This is shown by the labial commissure and pedal cords of the nervous system, by the opening of the gonad into the right kidney, and by other points.

Burger) in coelomic spaces close to nephridial funnels, which have, however, no relation to the gonad ducts.