Sentence Examples with the word gold

Saying this, he ordered that ten gold pieces be given to the merchant in place of those that were lacking.

Rickard, Stamp Milling of Gold Ores.

The conversion law of 1895 made the currency convertible at this rate, although the gold peso was rated at 48d.

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Diamonds are obtained in Borneo, garnets in Sumatra, Bachian and Timor, and topazes in Bachian, antimony in Borneo and the Philippines; lead in Sumatra, Borneo and the Philippines; copper and malachite in the Philippines, Timor, Borneo and Sumatra; and, most important of all, tin in Banka, Billiton and Singkep. Iron is pretty frequent in various forms. Gold is not uncommon in the older ranges of Sumatra, Banka, Celebes, Bachian, Timor and Borneo.

The sultan ordered his treasurer, Khojah Hasan Maimandi, to pay to Firdousi a thousand gold pieces for every thousand verses; but the poet preferred allowing the sum to accumulate till the whole was 1 A sort of cuirass.

Gold coin and bullion form one of the principal items in the export list, but only a small portion of the export is of local production, the balance being Queensland and New Zealand gold sent to Sydney for coinage.

Wolseley, in a despatch dated the 13th of November 1879 said: The Transvaal is rich in minerals; gold has already been found in quantities, and there can be little doubt that larger and still more valuable goldfields will sooner or later be discovered.

The Alaska gold was derived almost wholly from the large low-grade quartz mines of Douglas Island prior to 1899, but in that year an important district was discovered at Cape Nome, on the north-western coast.

In Sierra Leone little success has been met with, but on the Gold Coast some cotton better than middling American has been grown, and the association has concluded an agreement with the government for an extension of its work.

Copper, lead and zinc are produced in small quantities, being found in fissure veins with gold and silver.