Sentence Examples with the word goes

Think not, is my eleventh commandment; and sleep when you can, is my twelfth--So here goes again.

To this is attached a mirror; hence, if a current goes up one side of a loop and down another, the wires are oppositely displaced in the field.

This list goes on, but I will spare you.

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Blom found that on brominating orthoacetamido-acetophenone in presence of water or acetic acid, the bromine goes into the benzene nucleus, whilst in chloroform or sulphuric acid or by use of bromine vapour it goes into the side chain as well.

If the husband dies intestate, leaving no descendants and no paternal or maternal kindred, the whole of his estate goes to his widow absolutely.

With Nepet and ten other Latin colonies it refused further help in the Hannibalic War in 209 B.C. Its importance as a fortress explains, according to Festus, the proverb Sutrium ire, of one who goes on important business, as it occurs in Plautus.

The advantage of this method rests chiefly on the small amount of iron required; but its disadvantages are that any silver present in the ores goes into solution, the formation of basic salts, and the difficulty of filtering from the iron oxides.

Interest on amortized bonds goes to swell the sinking fund.

Greek hubris is a concept playing a role in the history of civilizations, and goes back to Herodotus.

No tribe is confined to one hemisphere and no large genus to any one floral region; facts which indicate that the separation of the tribes goes back to very ancient times.